Lavender Vanilla Sugar Scrub

Directions: It's easy really - just scoop out a good amount onto your hand with the provided spoon, and add some warm water. Then, use your hand or grab your washcloth and start scrubbin'. Close your eyes and enjoy! Once you feel that the sugar is melting into your skin, go ahead and rinse. If you're using it in the shower or tub, be careful because the floor can get slippery. Pat yourself dry and notice the silky softness of your fresh new skin. You won't need one drop of moisturizer!

Lavender Vanilla Sugar Scrub

Need a little soothing relaxation in your life (who doesn't?) - then this scrub is for you! Our Lavender Vanilla Sugar Scrub is great for times when life is especially chaotic, for some of us that's every day! Because of its calming and therapeutic ingredients, it will melt away the stress of your day and soothe your mind and body.

As with all of our scrubs, Blissfulicious Lavender Vanilla Sugar Scrub will leave your skin silky soft so that you never need moisturizer again. We call it NO-MO, and that's the Blissfulicious way of living!

Ingredients: Pure cane sugar, organic coconut oil, lavender essential oil, Vitamin E oil

$ 18.95

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