Citrus Spice Sugar Scrub

Directions: It's easy really - just scoop out a good amount onto your hand with the provided spoon, and add some warm water. Then, use your hand or grab your washcloth and start scrubbin'. Close your eyes and enjoy! Once you feel that the sugar is melting into your skin, go ahead and rinse. If you're using it in the shower or tub, be careful because the floor can get slippery. Pat yourself dry and notice the silky softness of your fresh new skin. You won't need one drop of moisturizer!

Citrus Spice Sugar Scrub

Experience the purifying effects of orange and Cassia (cinnamon) oils, and the refreshing scents of citrus and spice. Our Citrus Spice Sugar Scrub is a warming and comforting blend of cinnamon and clove with a hint of orange creamsicle. Cassia is known to have antiseptic qualities that kill bacteria and fungi, and is even known to lift skin and work as an antidepressant as well!

Use for shaving, face & body scrub, exfoliator, and moisturizer. For shaving, simply scoop a small amount into your hand, add warm water, and start scrubbing your face. Once you feel the sugar melting, rinse your face, and then begin shaving! No shaving cream or soap needed! Just feel the razor glide over your face like silk.This scrub, like all Blissfulicious scrubs, will leave your skin so silky soft that you won't need moisturizer ever again. We call it NO-MO, and that's the Blissfuliciousway of living!

8 oz. jar ingredients include: Pure cane sugar, organic coconut oil, Vitamin E Oil, and custom blend of essential oils including Orange and Cassia oils

$ 18.95

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