About Us


Turning Awareness into Action.....

My name is Jael Torrez and I created Blissfulicious after testing positive for the BRCA1 Gene mutation. Many of you probably don't know what this gene is - but it has changed my life forever. The BRCA1 Gene is also known as the "Cancer Gene" and it is this same gene mutation that caused Angelina Jolie to take preventative steps towards saving her life. Because I have this gene mutation in my DNA, I have an 85% chance of getting cancer for the rest of my life - all types of cancers from breast cancer to ovarian cancer. Life as I knew it will never be the same.
But as shocking as this discovery was - I decided not to sit around waiting for the cancer to pop up and rear its ugly head. Instead, I decided to do everything I possibly could to take action against this gene of mine. Like Angelina, I've had preventative surgeries and I have changed the way I look at ingredients in all products. Specifically, the chemicals in these products. I decided I was not going to add anything harmful to my body that would trigger this cancer gene that I already have. 
So, I went to work to create an all-natural skincare line free of chemicals that both my daughter and I could use - that would leave our skin soft, smooth, and glowing. After much research and testing, Blissfulicious was born! With my daughter Isabella as my partner, we set out to create the most delicious product for any age!
The marketplace is FULL of products that are loaded with chemicals and dry out your skin. We've created a product that will leave your skin incredibly moisturized, polished, and glowing. It's your secret weapon that acts as your greatest multi-tasker: makeup remover, exfoliator, cleanser, and moisturizer - all in one jar! 
And that's the Blissfulicious way of living!