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Hello Fall!

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We here at Blissfulicious are taking the time to reflect and be thankful for an incredible summer filled with lots of hard work and play. So many opportunities that headed our direction. We were featured at West Elm, we had an amazing editorial in June's Lavish Living Magazine, and we opened doors to some incredible retail partnerships all over the country. Things are lookin' good around here. 

With Christmas right around the corner, we are looking forward to offering some great gift packages. So Stay Tuned!.....


Hi Sugar!

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Be Aware of What You Put on Your SKIN!

conscious beauty green beauty no hidden toxins skin safe skincare

A new study out of New York yesterday reveals that women on average put 168 chemicals on their bodies each and every day! As a BRCA1 Cancer Gene carrier myself, I can't take any chances with harmful toxins. That is my whole basis for creating Blissfulicious, and this new study proves that.

Our products will never contain chemicals and harmful toxins."Skin Safe" is our whole motto because you need to be conscious of your body's largest organ: your SKIN. Knowledge is power. Be aware of what you put on your skin!

Upcoming Event!

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We are so excited to be featured at this upcoming event hosted by the Villa Smith Boutique. Join us for some Champagne and Dessert and try out all of our products with your girlfriends! And stay tuned for some great pictures of the after party!

One Nut That is Crazy Good For You - Almonds!

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Did you know that Almond extract is full of proteins, vitamins, & minerals that works overtime to seal in moisture and strengthen your skin? That's why we love using this Powerhouse for our Vanilla Almond Sugar Scrub! And did we mention how wonderful it smells? Let us whip up a fresh batch for you and experience the Blissfulicious way of living!

                                                             Stay Blissful! ~ Jael