Flight Attendant's Beauty Tricks You Can Use in Real Life

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We at Blissfulicious have known this for years - but here is the latest article from Yahoo confirming that Flight Attendants have sugar scrubs in their arsenal to combat the dry conditions they face daily on their flights. Take Notice of the last tip - Exfoliate Regularly!:

Flying takes a serious toll on one’s beauty — disheveled hair, dry skin, puffy eyes. So, how is it that flight attendants always look so pretty and pulled together? No matter how many flights they work or how long the hauls are, their hair appears perfectly coiffed, their skin glows, and their makeup is glam and smudge-free.

“When we become flight attendants, we all have a day commonly referred to as ‘Barbie boot camp,’” says Emily Witkop, who has flown with Southwest Airlines for 18 years. “Basically, it is the day we learn what makeup to wear and how to take care of our skin. Let’s face it, flying dries you out, and the lights in the cabin are not flattering for anyone.” Yahoo Travel got the scoop and some great tips from some stunning stews. Here are their best secrets:

Red lips make everything look better. Rock red lips — it helps passengers 10 rows back to see you. “I embrace it wholeheartedly,” says Witkop. Not only does it make teeth look whiter, but also it’s a great contrast to most skin tones, and of course, it makes a statement. “The color has just enough professionalism where passengers who might try to challenge me about checking bags hand them over with little complaint,” says Witkop.

Deep condition your hair preflight. Think recycled air is bad for your skin? Well, it’s just as harsh on your hair. The lack of moisture in the cabin causes water levels in the hair to evaporate, which makes the hair look frizzy and dull. To keep hair soft, FAs are sticklers about packing their own hair products, especially conditioner. “I use the shower cap from my hotel rooms for deep conditioning treatments,” says Witkop. “I slap on some conditioner, put the shower cap on, watch my favorite TV show for an hour or so, and then rinse it out. Then my hair is good to go.”

Exfoliate regularly — anytime, anywhere. Passengers can be a bit particular about the hands that deliver their sodas and peanuts. Travelers have been known to fire off complaint letters about flight attendants who had chapped or cracked hands. And can you blame them? It’s a little gross. So Nick Stracener, an American Airlines FA and aspiring model, has a trick to keep his exfoliated. “My secret tip is called the sugar scrub, and it gets hands soft and smooth,” he says. “First, squeeze some lemon into your palm, then add about five sugar packets, and scrub your hands together.” Stracener usually scrubs up for a few minutes after the service portion of the flight is over. When finished, he rinses his hands with club soda or water. “It makes your hands feel amazing!”


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